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Last Revised Date: 
January, 2007
Policy Number: 
UHAP 8.02.01
Responsible Unit: 
Division of Human Resources
(520) 621-3660


Board of Regents policy with regard to sick leave is as follows:

  1. Eligible fiscal year employees may accrue paid sick leave at the rate of one day for each month of service. Eligible academic year employees may earn nine days per academic year. Since sick leave is a privilege, not an earned right, no accumulated sick leave compensation shall be paid in the event that an employee is discharged or dismissed, or resigns or dies.
  2. Eligible employees are regular employees employed 20 hours per week or more for a continuous period of not less than six months. Regular employees employed for less than 20 hours per week and probationary and temporary employees are not eligible to accrue sick leave.
  3. Upon completion of six months of continuous service, a regular employee employed 20 hours per week or more is eligible for accumulated sick leave from the effective date of such employment.
  4. Computation of accumulated sick leave is based upon a full-time appointment. Eligible employees working on any other work schedule will be credited sick leave which shall be computed at the same ratio which the appointment bears to full-time appointment. Sick leave computation for service prior to 1975 is described below. The maximum accumulation of sick days for service prior to 1975 is 60.

    Academic Year Appointment: [Number of years prior to 1975 x 9 x percentage of appointment] - [sick leave usage] = Accrual (max 60 days)

    Fiscal Year Appointment: [Number of years prior to 1975 x 12 x percentage of appointment] - [sick leave usage] = Accrual (max 60 days).

  5. Eligible employees may be granted sick leave when they are unable to perform their duties because of illness or injury, or because they must be absent from work for the purpose of obtaining health-related services not available after regular working hours. It may also be granted when the employee's absence results from serious illness or communicable disease within the employee's immediate family, established household, or in situations which place primary responsibility for care on the employee.

An eligible employee may use sick leave upon the death of family members who are not covered under Section 8.02.02 Bereavement Leave. Employees may use up to three days of accrued sick leave for this purpose and two additional days to attend or arrange funeral services out of state.

  1. Sick leave should be approved in advance when possible. Sudden illnesses which result in absence must be reported to the employee's supervisor as early as possible.
  2. Should there be reason to believe that sick leave is being abused, the employee's supervisor may require verification of illness by means of a physician's statement or through other appropriate methods.
  3. Eligible appointed personnel who retire from the University and have accumulated unused sick leave of 500 hours or more at time of retirement shall have the option to elect cash payout of their sick leave benefit over a three-year period in accordance with applicable provisions. Sick leave compensation will not be paid in the event of resignation, discharge or death unless the employee was eligible for normal retirement at the time of death in which case, the beneficiary will receive a one-time lump sum cash payout.

    To qualify for this benefit the employee must: (a) be an eligible appointed personnel employed by the State (University) on or after July 1, 1998; (b) have accumulated unused sick leave totaling 500 hours or more at retirement; c) be eligible for retirement and benefits from the University; d) apply for retirement with an authorized State of Arizona retirement system immediately (within 14 calendar days) upon separation from state service; and e) apply for the Retiree Accumulated Sick Leave benefit within 180 days from the retirement date.

    The request for payment of the Retiree Accumulated Sick Leave Program should be separate from any other payment that might be due.

    The State of Arizona General Accounting Office (GAO) maintains and administers the Retiree Accumulated Sick Leave (RASL) as defined by Arizona statute. Eligible retirees may apply for benefits to the General Accounting Office, which as sole discretion to grant or deny payment under this program. Application and payment option information is available on the GAO's website.

    The amount of payment received will be a percentage of the state hourly rate of pay multiplied by the number of accumulated sick leave hours as reported in the University's Vacation and Sick Leave Accrual Report. The hourly rate of salaried employees will be calculated by dividing the annual salary by 2080 hours for fiscal-year employees or by 1520 hours for academic-year employees. The maximum benefit will be 1,500 hours of sick leave not to exceed $30,000. Appropriate FICA, federal and state income taxes will be deducted prior to the payment of the benefit.

    The following table outlines the percentage that will be applied based on the number of accumulated sick leave hours.

Sick Leave Balances (Hours) Percentage of Hourly Rate
500 to 749 25%
750 to 999 33%
1,000 to 1,500 50%
  1. Federal policy, when in conflict with this policy, shall apply to faculty and staff members in Agricultural Cooperative Extension who are employed under federal regulation.
  2. The President may approve sick leave in addition to that allowed by this policy, but a report shall be made to the Board of Regents in the case of any sick leave which is granted in excess of that allowed by this policy or which exceeds three months, whichever is greater.

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