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Religious Holidays

Policy Information

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Effective Date: 
September 1, 1988
Classified Staff Human Resources Policy Manual 409.0
Responsible Unit: 
Division of Human Resources
(520) 621-3660

Purpose and Summary

The University of Arizona requires responsible administrators to reasonably accommodate the religious needs of employees in keeping with the following guidelines and limitations.


Employees may not be discriminated against because of their religious belief or practice, or absence of religious belief. Responsible administrators must make a reasonable attempt to accommodate individual religious practices. Refusal to accommodate an employee's request for time off from work to observe religious holidays is justified only when University operations would suffer unduly because of the employee's absence.

Absences from work for the purpose of observance of religious holidays which do not coincide with designated official University holidays shall be charged to accrued vacation, approved absence without pay, accrued compensatory time, or shall be accommodated by an alternate work schedule approved in advance by the responsible administrator.

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